SoftPOS payments, a new payment solution for merchants

As a distributor of POS-solutions it’s important to have knowledge about the newest available payment solutions for merchants. Innovative and user-friendly payment methods can make purchasing easier for both customers and businesses.

Both contactless payments and so-called SoftPOS solutions are some of the new payment solution trends your customers can benefit from. In this guide we will introduce you to some new and modern payment solutions that will make payments easier than ever before.

Contactless and mobile payments

There are a number of payment solutions on the market, and today most of these revolve around the use of payment cards or digital phone wallets. The use of cards has changed quite a lot in recent years, though.

Traditionally the end customers have paid by using a magnetic stripe or chip when they pay with a card. In recent years, it has been more and more common to pay by using contactless or mobile payment methods.

Contactless card payments and mobile payments utilize technology like NFC (near-field communication), QR (quick response) codes or RFID (radio frequency identification).

This technology makes it possible to eliminate the need of physically swiping a card or entering a PIN code at the payment terminal.

How can merchants offer mobile and contactless payments?

To be able to offer contactless or mobile payments to their customers, merchants will need the right equipment. 

One solution is to have a POS with a payment terminal that supports mobile and contactless payments. Another solution is to use a SoftPOS system.

SoftPOS: Is tap-on-phone payments the future?

Among the new payment solutions merchants should consider, we can mention SoftPOS systems. SoftPOS can be described as tap-on-phone payments, which is referring to payments where the merchant uses their cell phone as a payment terminal.

The customer can benefit from simple contactless payments, and can pay for products or services by tapping their payment card against the merchant’s smartphone. Phone wallets can also be used, which means the customer can pay with ApplePay, Google Pay or similar.

To be able to use a SoftPOS system, the merchant’s cell phone (or tablet) must have built-in NFC technology. NFC makes wireless communication possible between the merchant’s unit and the customers payment card or phone.

Unfortunately, NFC technology is not yet implemented in all smart phone models. So far it’s mainly newer Android phones that comes with NFC chips. It’s expected that Apple will launch their next iPhone models with NFC technology, though.

What are the benefits from using a SoftPOS system?

One of the main benefits merchants will get from using a SoftPOS system, is the simplicity. When using a mobile phone to accept payments, the merchant will not need physical hardware like a payment terminal.

SoftPOS systems will also be used with an app, where the merchant can access smart functions for bookkeeping and other administrative tasks. The customer will also benefit from easy and safe payments, and can choose between a number of payment methods.

Another benefit from using a SoftPOS system, is that merchants can reduce their costs, as they don’t necessarily need to rent POS equipment. 

Why you should recommend Tidypay to your customers

Tidypay has smart and innovative POS systems that makes payments easier for both merchants and their customers. We offer user friendly POS systems that support mobile payments, including Google Pay and Apple Pay.

We are also ready for the next generation of payment methods, like SoftPOS payments. Would you like to learn more about contactless or mobile payments? Please feel free to contact us by using this simple contact form, and we will get in touch shortly!

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