We make payments easy

Tidypay specializes in enterprise leve payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all shapes and sizes to accept and process payments.

From the smallest merchant with only one terminal to large enterprise clients with thousands of terminals – we serve them all.

The world is our market, but we are located in Horten Technology Park, an innovation hub 1 hour south of Oslo, Norway. Tidypay is founded and run by people with extensive experience in the payment market and consist of a crew of dedicated, hard working and knowledgeable people. All here to make payments easy by continuously focusing on innovation and improving existing solutions.

Meet our masterminds:

Inge Rune Tetlie
CEO and Founder

Kjetil Idås
Chief Operating Officer
+47 901 62 710

Karoline Alice Idås
Chief Partner and Marketing Officer Europe

Susanne Eriksson
Customer Success Manager
+47 980 48 965

Torgeir Sandnes
Sales Manager Europe
+47 970 54 780
Frederik Bastian Schoop
Digital Marketing Manager
Eigil Hagemann Kreutz
Key Account Manager
Rune Eriksen
Key Account Manager

rune.eriksen@tidypay.com+47 934 37 755

Thomas Muller
Senior full stack developer in Development
Liv Christin Tetlie
HOO in Administration
Bjørn Martinsen
System Developer in Development
Magnus Maraz
System Developer in Development
Misha Bulasov
Full Stack Developer in Development / Ukraine
Erik Frenning

Aage Halvorsen
Consultant in Proffesional Services

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