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A single device for all your needs 

Tidypay payment terminal fits all business, simply a unique mobile payment solution for small and medium instore and outdoor merchants.

With Tidypay One experience how easy an all-in-one device can improve payment for our partners and their merchants.

Payment device PSP

Simple payment with mobile point of sale solution


Tidypay One is easy to manage for instore and outdoor payment experience. With a growing focus on mobile trends, contactless payments and integrated payment solutions, with Tidypay One we have created a unique payment experience.

With only one all-in-one terminal we provide an entire POS experience for your merchants, it’s easy to deploy and we ensure a secure and reliable payment process.

We strive to create value for our Partners and their merchants, no matter what solution and features you choose you can accept card payments right away

Services and Added Value

Payment services are included in all products and solutions. The use of one or several services create a flexible payment platform to be configured for different needs.


Payment Processing

Save on fees and increase efficiency when you bring everything together with the Tidypay gateway, become more integrated and cohesive moving forward in an omnichannel world, both e-commerce and in-store.



A single settlement from 10 currencies into your choice of currency on a daily basis. A full overview of all your transaction fees and payouts.



Flexible overview and reporting tool to monitor your transactions in real-time. Modern WEB-based user interface or utilize our flexible REST API to build it into your own reporting tools. Refund or void transactions with a click of a button.



Explore how you can configure a payment solution for your needs.

Solo Configuration

Tidypay One manage the transaction flow with input from the operator directly in the Tidypay One software. Preferred setup for Distributors with no POS software.

App Configuration

The POS provider has its POS software on the same device as Tidypay One and no other devices is needed. Preferred setup with best value for the merchant.

PED Configuration

The POS provider has its point of sale software on a secondary hardware device and can use Tidypay One as a PED (Pin Entry Device) with cloud connect – App, Server or Web Page. 

Simple usage. All-in-one payment solution.


Tidypay One is a user-friendly solution built for merchants, with light colors and a clean interface. We believe in making payment easy with a reliable and secure usage.

Simplify your merchant’s business by using a single mobile POS system. Tidypay is more than just a payment gateway. It is a payment processing platform, rich with features and functionality.


Value Added Services

Value added services (VAS) are services that can enhance the Payment experience by adding extra functionality to the Payment and the POS Solution.


ERP Connection

Tidypay has several integrations with different ERP systems to manage the bookkeeping of transactions efficient. Preferred setup for Direct to Merchant sales channel.


White label branding

A service where the Distributor have the possibility to white label the Tidypay Services to their merchants including a own setup on the Tidypay Gateway


Pre Load

A service where the Distributor have the possibility to have a stock of Sunmi devices that can be loaded with parameters and delivered to the merchant on the fly.


Tidypay cPos

Tidypays own POS software to use with Tidypay One. Preferred setup for Distributors with no POS software, with an easy configuration all on one device.



Tidypay eShop

With Tidypay eShop you control and reconcil directly from our payment terminal. Upload pictures, change prices and give descriptive text. Sort and hide articles on the fly.

Easy integration. Easy to deploy.


By integrating our solution with your own favorite POS you will only need a few click to get started. Tidypay moves automatically between our payment solution and your POS, so you can spend time on your most important work.

With Tidypay PED you can connect to our mobile terminal from anywhere. Simply use your favorite POS, with easy configuration with Windows, iPad, Amazon and many more.


Our Devices

Tidypay focus on the growing trend with merchants wanting to be more mobile, P2 Pro and P2 Mini both fulfill the desire.

Sunmi Tech P2 PRO

Android 7.1
Quad-core 1.4Ghz CPU
Pass 1M Drop Test
1D Barcode Scanner
Payment: Stripe card, IC card, NFC and QR code
Memory: 2GB + 16 GB ROM (optional)
Thermal printer

Sunmi Tech P2 MINI

Android 9.0
Quad-core Cortex-A53 1.8GHz/2.0GHz
Pass 1,2M Drop proof
1D/2D Barcode Scanner
Payment: Stripe card, IC card, NFC and QR code
Memory: 2GB RAM+16GB ROM (optional)

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