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Drive the future of payments with SoftPOS

Ready to drive the future of payments?
Perfect! We are launching Tidypay GO, a Softpos solution to make your experience with payments even quicker, easier and efficient.

Payment device PSP

SoftPOS easy payment

Tidypay GO SoftPOS (Software Point of Sale) is a software-based solution which transforms any regular android device (10.0 version and above) – known as Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) device – into a contactless payment terminal.

This payment software gives everyone the freedom to access quick, low cost and simple digital payments by simply using the device you have in hand and turning it into a POS system.

Softpos payments

We strive to create value for our Partners and their merchants, no matter what solution and features you choose you can accept card payments right away

SoftPOS Value Services

Uncomplicated and secure payments with and without a stationary point of sale and the simplicity and affordability of SoftPOS, makes it a game-changer for merchants. 

Payment and Sustainability

Modern payment services and technology that help the environment

Readymade solution

Ready to take payments anywhere on the go or in-store


Secured with the PCI DSS compliant and Tap to Phone with Visa

Certified integrated PIN

With or without PIN makes your customers feel safe and secure

Beneficial for small businesses

No extra hassle of expensive hardware

All in one tool

Everything you need for payments in one android device

App solution oriented

As simple as downloading an app and pay with your phone

Cloud based

SoftPOS lets you take payments online on android devices

Cancel and refund

No hectic invoicing and endless papers SoftPOS supports refunds

SoftPOS Integration & Features

No complicated integration and no excess hardware. To integrate Softpos all you need are three technical aspects- an app, NFC enablement and any android device that supports 10.0 version and above.

Our app will be easily available on the Google play store and will support cPOS and eShop as of today.
And the best part is you can integrate this solution with our existing devices.

Easy and Accessible Payments

Tidypay GO Softpos has extremely easy migration to support any Android 10.0 devices and is simply the future of payments.

It is an integration platform with billions of opportunities through the same network, same gateway and same report.

Simple and unique payment experience ready to use for integrated partners for any Android device and the best part is you can combine it with our existing devices!

SoftPOS payments for all markets

Having us handle your payment processing allows you to concentrate on creating value for your business, rather than focusing on the payment technology implementations – Explore contactless payments for all markets!


Delivery Services

Deliver, collect payment on your phone and go


Hospitality Industry

Quick check in and check out


Restaurant and Bar

Pay at the table or pay at the exit just tap and enjoy


Field Services

End of those long invoicing bills, tap and go on your own device


Taxi Service

Customers always in a hurry? Quick tap-and-go payment service


Grocery Stores

End of long queues, checkout customers anywhere on the go

Security & Concern


Security is always our main priority with any of our solutions. Tidypay GO is PCI DSS compliant (Payment card industry data security standard) meaning none of your data will ever be saved on any device and have entered the Tap to Phone program by Visa.

Our solution is built with secure technology to make sure none of our partners ever have to worry about their financial data being compromised, using NFC technology for contactless payments with phones.

Would like to know more?

      We are always available to help you answer any questions you may have to make your payment journey easier. Contact us today and let us help you simplify your payment digitalization way!

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