Tidypay products

Tidypay has a PCI-DSS certification on the Sunmi P2 Pro and P2 lite, and the devices has PCI PTS5.0 security strandards compliance.

Sunmi provides a full range of intelligent hardware solutions based on Android’s operating systems for commercial applications. The company leads a global innovation of intelligent hardware for businesses. 

Have a look at our standalone, e-commerce or payment getaway solution.

PCI PTS5.0 Security Standards Compliance


EU RoHSCompliance

Visa PayWaveApproval


Tidypay is easy to use cross-border with e-commer, standalone or integrated in our own POS solution. Have a look at our payment solutions. 

Secure and safe 3D secure 2.1 for Online Payments (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Card)


Use the Sunmi P2 Pro and P2 Lite with Tidypay payment gateway as a stand alone payment terminal. That means it can be used with your favorit Android POS system. Learn more.  


Having the possibility to do you shopping across multiple channel is something most costumers like more and more. Tidypay has a brilliant omnichannel solution that makes this possible for your costumers today. Learn more.

Payment Getaway

Tidypay is the only payment solution approved in 32 European countries, with an mPOS system making it easy to use as an all-in-one payment solution. Learn more.

Want to experience how easy paymenst can be?

Take omnichannel to the next level with Tidypay

With one system, all your payment data goes into the same Unified Commerce. This is the best way to give the best cross-channel experience, getting all the customer insights and keeping it simple.

Keep your business agile.

Simplify your business by consolidating your payments into one system. This will make it easier to introduce new technology, open new channels, and expand to newregions. You’ll always be one step ahead of consumer trends and able to move fast if things change suddenly.


Designed to scale – build and grow on our foundation


Online payments – Future proof your e-commerce


Singe point of integration – all your solutions in one solutions

Sunmi Tech P2 PRO

Android 7.1
Quad-core 1.4Hz CPU
Pass 1M Drop Test
1D Barcode Scanner
NFC Payment
Memory: 2GB + 16 GB ROM (optional) 
Thermal printer 


Sunmi Tech P2 LITE

Android 7.1
Qualcomm 8917 ARM Cortex-A53
Quad-core 1.4GHz CPU
Pass 1M Drop Test
1D Barcode Scanner
NFC Payment
Memory: 2GB + 16 GB ROM (optional) 
QR-code payment

Secure Payment

A hosted payment solution can help you remove those barriers for hesitation and make the entire checkout process more effortless. Because most of the checkout page hosted solutions offer simple intuitive navigation, mobile-friendly interface, and a variety of payment tools at checkout, your potential customers will have fewer reasons to leave before finishing the transaction.

E-commerce Secure Hosted Payment Pages come with a bunch of benefits. Here are a few reasons to consider a Hosted Payment Solution for your business.


Simple checkout process:

According to Forrester, approximately 89% of online shoppers have abandoned their carts at least once. Most of them are leaving your website before the sale is complete because of the long and confusing checkout process.


Enhanced security:

When choosing a self-hosted payment solution for your website, you become the one responsible for managing, transmitting, and protecting sensitive data. In addition, there are also risks of fraudulent losses that can impact your bottom line. 


Easy Set-up:

Ideal for small and medium-sized merchants. Hosted Payment Pages are one of the fastest ways to start accepting online payments. The entire set-up process requires little-to-no technical expertise and often it is as easy as copying and pasting a line of code into a website.

Learn all about our Tidypay API, and get a full guide on how to make payment easy.

European payment getaway

The Tidypay gateway is easy to use for ISV’s to integrate their app with the Tidypay payment app. It is also possible to use as a stand alone payment terminal on a Sunmi P2 Pro and the P2 Lite terminal. Tidypay is the only payment solution approved in 32 European countries, with an epos system making it easy to use as an all in one payment solution.