Terms and conditions

Please read the following terms of purchase for products at Tidypos AS. The terms of purchase can be changed at any time, and should therefore be read every time you make a purchase.

The parties

The seller is:

Tidypos AS

Organization number: 97 505 549MVA

Postal address: Forskningsparken USN Raveien 205, 3184 Borre, Norway

Visiting address: Forskningsparken USN Raveien 205, 3184 Borre, Norway

Email: info@tidypay.no

hereinafter referred to as “Tidypos”.

Buyer is:

Person stated as buyer when ordering.

hereinafter referred to as “you”, “buyer” or “customer”.

Buyer and seller are collectively referred to as the “parties”.


Purchases of goods or services from Tidypos are governed by the provisions of these terms of purchase. Customers under the age of 18 cannot shop, due to the age limit for the payment systems used by Tidypos.

The purchase terms do not imply any restriction on the customer’s inalienable rights in accordance with, for example, the Consumer Purchase Law, the Marketing Law, the Right of Withdrawal Law, the Personal Data Law and the E-Commerce Law.


The terms of purchase, together with the customer’s order (confirmed by order confirmation), information provided in the order solution and any specially agreed terms, constitute the overall contractual basis for the purchase. In the event of any conflict between the information, what is specifically agreed between the parties will prevail, as long as it does not contravene mandatory legislation. The agreement will also be supplemented by relevant legal provisions that regulate the purchase of goods between businesses and consumers.

Your order is binding when the order is registered on Tidypo’s server. Tidypos is also bound by your order if this does not deviate from what is offered on tidypay.com. You still have the right to withdraw from the purchase in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Law, see further information below.

When an order is received, Tidypos will confirm the order by automatically issuing the order confirmation. Carefully read the order confirmation when you receive it and check that it is in accordance with the order.

Deviations between the customer’s order and the order confirmation are considered a new offer from Tidypos, which you can accept or decline. You still have the right to claim your original order if this is in accordance with what is offered on tidypay.com. Exceptions may occur, for example in the case of obvious pricing errors – see the section below on Prices.

However, the agreement is not binding if there have been typing or typing errors in the offer from Tidypos in the ordering solution in the online store or in the buyer’s order, and the other party realized or should have realized that such an error existed. In the event of such typing or printing errors of significant size in advertisements, online stores, etc., Tidypos may unilaterally change, delete or reject orders.

Price conditions for purchase

All prices are stated excluding VAT. Shipping is in addition unless otherwise stated explicitly. The total cost of the purchase will appear before ordering and includes all expenses associated with the purchase, such as postage, shipping, packaging, etc.


Termination of the agreement with Tidypos must be done in writing and no later than 1 month before the start of the quarter. (Customers are billed quarterly for licenses in January, April, July and October). Products purchased are the customer’s property and should not be returned unless otherwise agreed.


The products are sent as soon as possible after the agreement has been processed internally with us. Important! In connection with holidays and crowded days, we cannot guarantee the above delivery times!


Tidypos may demand payment for the item from the time it is sent from Tidypos to the buyer.

The buyer receives an invoice for the purchase.

PCI approval of our payment

You are hereby informed that you will be in scope for the requirements of PCI DSS SAQ-C. This will, for example, require that devices are periodically inspected to look for tampering or substitution and that the device must be under the control of the merchant at all times.

Tidypos will be responsible for maintaining PCI level 1 Approval of Compliance and that also applies to our subcontractors. This also covers that Tidypos takes responsibility for the PCI DSS requirements and the security of cardholder data.


Warranty given by Tidypos or the manufacturer gives the buyer rights in addition to those the buyer already has under mandatory legislation, for example with regard to the duration of a product. A guarantee thus entails no restrictions in the buyer’s right to a complaint and claims in the event of delay or defects.


The website tidypay.com and all content available there belong to Tidypos or our partners. The information is protected i.a. through intellectual property and marketing laws. Trademarks, company names, product names, images, graphics, designs, layouts and information about products, or other content, may not be reused without Tidypos written prior approval.


Tidypos disclaims any responsibility for consequential errors and 3rd party liability for software errors.

Error message

In the event of an error message, Tidypos guarantees to start error correction within 24 hours after the error has been reported.

Disputes and choice of law

Complaints must be addressed to Tidypos within a reasonable time.

Disputes that arise from or arise in connection with the purchase, the parties shall try to resolve amicably. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the buyer can bring the matter before the Consumer Council for mediation. In other respects, disputes belong to the ordinary Norwegian courts.


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