Partners & Tidypay

With partners anything is possible. Our way of working and our business models is based on your growth plan. Because together we work to make payment easy.

Partner with us and you will find that Tidypay is much more than the traditional payment partner. Together we will increase the value of your brand and offering!

Strategic Partners

Lets us increase the value of your brand and offering by being your preferred partner. Explore our strategic partnerships here!


Tidypay Partner Network of POS providers all across Europe. Explore how our partners increase their brand and offering with Tidypay.

MilePay TIdypay

Technical Partners

With partners anything is possible.

Tidypay Partnership

We will coach, educate and support you and your team with the result to increase the sales of your services powered by our payment services

Marketing Material 

We take time to build relationships with our partners and love to collaborate with them to create marketing campaigns. At Tidypay we have a dedicated team to provide marketing and communication material!

Partner Network

Our Partner Network is for us to deliver the best individual payment solution for your merchants. With our partners we are able to focus on your needs where each customer has a unique custom-made solution.

Dedicated Support

With partners we grow together and by supporting our dedicated partners you are able to grow. That is why training and documentation is key for our partnership,  where all documentations, services and functions can be found in our portal.  

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