Webinar Recordings

We have gathered a whole lot of useful knowledge in our webinars. In these webinar videos you can learn more about Tidypay. Feel free to explore how we make payment easy.

Tidypay GO – Upcoming Launch

Topic: Our newest solution Tidypay GO is launching soon, and we want to provide an insight into why it is the ideal solution for your business, and how to integrate it into different industries.

Date: 13th December 2022

Host: Lars-Erik Bjørshol, Tidypay

mPOS Payment Solutions

Topic: mPOS payment solution gives the freedom to have access to quick, mobile and hassle-free payments with the SUNMI P2 Pro and P2 Mini – tillty showcasing their POS solution.

Date: 29th september 2022

Host: Lars-Erik Bjørshol, Tidypay

Guest speaker: Aydin Bahojb-Khoshoudi, CEO, tillty

Tidypay GO SoftPOS

Topic: Tidypay GO SoftPOS: Drive the future of payments.

Date: 23th june 2022

Host: Lars-Erik Bjørshol, Tidypay

Co-host: Deepti Sharma, Tidypay

Tidypay Products

Topic: We will present our payment solution Tidypay One and Tidypay eCom with focus on our payment gateway. We will demonstrate how we have connected our solutions, and which values and added features you are able to configure for your needs.

Date: 22th March 2022

Host: Lars-Erik Bjørshol, Tidypay

Tidypay x Sunmi Webinar

Topic: Tidypay One features, services and configurations // Sunmi Technology Products P2 Pro and P2 Mini

Date: 25th november 2021

Host: Lars-Erik Bjørshol, Tidypay

Co-host: Vincent Fillaud, Sunmi Technology