All in one terminal (POS) – Your best choices

Both small and big businesses depend on reliable, user oriented and easy-to-use payment technology. Your business needs to be able to process and accept payments in a fast and secure manner.

An all in one payment terminal will give you access to all necessary functions, like a receipt printer and a magnetic stripe reader. You can also get an all in one touch screen POS terminal where a convenient touch screen is incorporated in the system.        

Let’s take a closer look at all in one POS terminals, and how you can find the perfect solution for your business.

What is an all in one POS terminal?

A payment terminal is an electronic device which is used for payments and transferring funds electronically, often at a point of sale (POS). The POS is where your customers pay for services or products – usually in-store or online.

An all in one payment terminal can be described as a device with an integrated hardware system. This system allows your customers to make payments at a retail location, for instance by using a credit or debit card.

You should be able to connect several terminals to one POS system. Usually this means that you will need to integrate the POS system with the terminal device.

By choosing a more innovative all in one POS terminal you can easily connect your terminals without direct integration towards the payment terminal itself.

Looking for an all in one terminal? Get in touch with us today, and we will help you to find the best solution for your business.


Benefits from having an all in one payment terminal

Why should your business have an all in one POS terminal? First and foremost, all in one POS systems are convenient. You will be able to access all the functions you need in one single configuration.

The components in one specific POS terminal may be different from another, but in most cases you will have a magnetic stripe or chip reader, a receipt printer and a touch screen. Some solutions also offer barcode scanners.

Another benefit from having an all in one payment terminal, is the sleek and small size of the device. If you have limited counter space, the smart design of an all-in-one POS terminal may be beneficial.

An all in one terminal is usually easier to use than the more traditional payment solutions. The employees can usually manage all operations from one single screen. And – let’s not forget the lower long-term costs a scalable all in one terminal can give you. You don’t need to change the solution as it often can grow together with your business.

●  Convenient

●  Space saving

●  User friendly

●  Lower costs

Tidypay makes payments easier than ever

A Tidypay payment terminal is a great choice for retailers who wants an easy-to-use payment system. The all in one POS terminals is available for both online and in-store payments, and is perfect if you need an omnichannel solution.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Tidypay solutions you can choose between, depending on your needs!

Tidypay standalone

Tidypay standalone is an easy and unique mobile solution for payments, and can be used with your preferred Android POS. This all in one payment terminal is both functional and user friendly.

You can look forward to wireless payments by combining the Tidypay unit with Sumni P2 Lite or P2 Pro. The Tidypay standalone solution is also useful if you want easy international payments across 32 different European countries.

Tidypay e-commerce all in one terminal

Tidypay’s e-commerce solution is a great solution for businesses that need a reliable omnichannel payment solution across multiple platforms. Many of today’s customers love to do their shopping online, and with Tidypay e-commerce this is possible.

The solution gives you a unique opportunity to integrate payments with one single system. Tidypay e-commerce offers secure payments thanks to 3D secure 2.1.

Tidypay Payment Gateway all in one terminal

Tidypay Payment Gateway is best described as a processing platform. The all in one payment terminal offers a large number of features and smart functions. Tidypay Payment Gateway is ideal for medium and large companies that requires a high functioning payment solution.

You can consolidate all of the businesses payments into a single and easy-to-use system. You can also look forward to a hassle-free process if your company needs to implement new channels or technology in the future.

If customer trends were to change suddenly, your business will be one step ahead. The Tidypay Payment Gateway is designed to scale, grow and build your business. You can also enjoy an easy mPOS integration, and gather all of your solutions in one system.

Why choose Tidypay as your all in one payment terminal?

The Tidypay all in one POS terminals is offering an innovative and unique method of integrating payments with your POS system.

Thanks to cloud connection for payments you can easily connect all your payment terminals to the POS system. You do not need any integration directly towards the terminal itself. Tidypay’s all in one POS terminal comes with the application already installed.

Here is some of the benefits you will get by choosing Tidypay all in one POS terminals:

●  Full integration with one single integration point

●  Many integration options

●  High flexibility – designed for scaling

●  Secure thanks to hosted payment solutions and 3D secure 2.1

●  Omnichannel friendly

●  Perfect for cross border payments

●  Easy-to-use

Where can I buy an all in one payment terminal?

Tidypay has the all in one POS terminals you need. Get in touch with us today, and we will help you to find the best solution for your business. It doesn’t matter if you have an over the counter shop, e-commerce shop or something in between. We will cover all your needs.

By using our all in one payment terminal you can look forward to a user friendly design and a high security level. One single integration towards your POS system makes the process hassle-free, and you can access all necessary functions in one simple system.

Our all in one payment terminal is designed to make payments easier. Experience exactly how easy, by contacting us today.


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