Tidypay terminal cloud connect allows you to connect one or more terminals to your favorite POS system without directly integrating with the terminal itself. Our terminals come with the application already installed. Ready to use. Whenever. Wherever.

When turning on the terminal it will automatically connect with our Tidypay cloud application and you are ready to accept payments.

By using your own Point of Sale system and using Tidypay cloud connect, you can connect as many terminals to your system and make payment easy, for both you and the customers.

Connecting to a terminal is as simple as running a sale transaction. To accept a transaction, your Point of Sale system will make a connection to our payment gateway. Once completing the transaction, you will return to your Point of Sale system.

All typical transaction types are supported by our terminal cloud. Using the terminal cloud you can charge a card, refund, void and under special circumstances perform a credit check.

Tidypay making payment easy.

Learn more about our API here: 


Experince how easy payments can be

If you need more information about our payment solutions, standalone, e-commerce, payment gateway and how it can suit your needs feel free to reach out to Karoline at karoline@tidypay.com.

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