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Partner with us and experience how easy payments can be.

Torgeir Sandnes
Sales Manager Europe
Karoline Alice Idås
Chief Marketing Officer Europe
Are you an ISV, ISO or Sunmi distributor and want to use Tidypay POS or payment gateway?
Tidypay is now looking for SUNMI Technology partners in Europe! Contact us below.

What is Tidypay payment gateway?

Tidypay gateway is easy for ISV´s to integrate their app with our payment app. Tidypay payment gateway is possible to use as a stand-alone payment terminal on a Sunmi P2 Pro and P2 Lite terminal. The credit card transaction app is easy to use together with an epos system on the Sunmi P2 Pro and P2 Lite as a all in one payment solution. 

Tidypay payment gateway gives you the freedom to charge in several countries as a European payment solution. Tidypay can offer ISV´s good competitive rates in all 32 countries in Europe Tidypay is approved.


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