Growing trend for mobile payment solutions – Tidypay releases P2 Mini

During the past few years digital currency, cashless society, and social distancing are on the rise. It is undeniable that a quick and efficient network will contribute to the success of your business. Today, most of your customers will pay with a credit card. Therefore there has been a growing need of retailers finding a quick and mobile solution that can make their sales go even more efficiently.

Different merchants and retailers have mentioned the growing need of needing a POS system that is not a fixed set up and can be accessible anywhere due to its portability. Merchants consider it a more valuable setup due to cost effectiveness, easy checkout, reduced business liabilities, minimal setup and lastly easy integration. 

The perfect mobile solution

Tidypay has always focused on putting the needs of customers first and has noticed the growing need of a compact and mobile version of a POS system. Therefore we are once again making payments easy by launching the P2 Mini  

Introducing our compact, mobile, flexible and secure new payment system

It is a new android 9.0 platform solution and is available with handheld computer capability. The feature of it being mobile, pocketable (<15mm thickness), fully certified and fully secure payment solution makes it stand out from the other products. 

Some of the crucial features of the P2 mini that would be useful to know are that

  • P2 mini Supports all classic EMV payment methods and emerging ones (face id)
  • It is fully certified internationally with payment partners
  • Being able to take payments made with Magnetic stripe card, IC card, NFC,and QR code.
  • Improved performance & low power consumption
  • Dual sim card slot

These features make it known to the retailers that our compact solution even though compact and mobile has all the available features that a normally set up POS system would have. 

Explore more here: Sunmi Tech P2 Mini

Value Points 

You may also wonder what the value points of our new compact solution and how it stands out from our other launches and services:

  • Firstly it is Pocketable/mobile making it easier for you to take payments and avoid any waiting or queues
  • The Ultra slim body feature allows you to carry it in your pocket and move around as you please without it being too heavy.
  • There is no extra set up needed just an all rounded efficient solution 
  • The Omni-Channel payment methods makes it the go to for many retailers and distributors

Tidypay makes contactless payments easy for businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit heavily from the launch of our new MPOS (Mobile POS software), a unique and compact invention. Technology that is affordable and comes with endless features will get popular without a doubt.

Do you have any more questions about our latest P2 mini launch? Feel free to contact us, and we will make sure to answer all your questions whether general or technological.

Where can I buy an all in one payment terminal?

Our all in one payment terminal is designed to make payments easier. Experience exactly how easy, by contacting us today.


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