Tidypay is much more than a traditional payment solution provider. We want to make payments easy, efficient and portable. Our payment solutions range from online e-commerce to mobile payment solutions.

We are certified for 32 countries across Europe and have got great acceptance and response with our payment solutions. Currently, Tidypay has customers and distributors present in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 

Key Achievements of Tidypay in the first half year 2022

We would like to share some key achievements from the first half year. Our Customer Base has an average monthly growth of 24%. Additionally,  our Total Transaction Value has grown 32% on average. 

Lastly, the volume of processed transactions has rapidly risen by an average of 55% monthly, consolidating our growth with our customers and distributors.   


Expansions and Future Opportunities 

We have grown and expanded throughout Europe and provide customized and efficient payments solutions. At the moment we are expanding our services to Poland and Austria in cooperation with our strategic partners Elavon and SUNMI.

In order to do so, it is crucial to understand the market trends and customers needs for any of the new markets, why collaborating with our strategic partners makes it simple to expand throughout Europe and continuously accommodate our payment solutions to new markets. 

We understand the need of developing and adapting to new markets and therefore the need for innovative payment solutions. TidypayGO (SoftPOS) is launching in Q1 2023 a new Android-based payment solution which will give our customers and distributors the opportunity to have their POS solution and our payment solution together on the same Android device without any extra or excess hardware. This is the new modern solution for the growing market need.

Increasing Visibility and Support in Already Established Markets 

It is crucial for us to take the next step and expand our presence in each country. We have our headquarter in Horten, Norway; Vestfold Innovation Park, but after hiring several remote employees in Sweden and Denmark, recently, we are planning to open new offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen where we will support the growing customer- and distributor base.

Our new Payment Solution

Our goal and purpose is to make payments easier and more efficient. We try to keep improving and introducing new products and services to keep up with the rapid changes in the growing payment industry. In the first half of 2022 we launched the SUNMI P2 Mini which is our newest service made for mobile and portable payments. 

Growing our Distributors and Partners 

In the first half year of 2022 we have built many valuable partnerships across Europe; CloudPOS, NOQ, New Apex, GS Systems, Solmio, GeniusPay, OY Wike, Swoopos, AndroidEPOS, DanPay and Tillty. We look forward to growing our partnerships throughout the rest of 2022, because with partners anything is possible. 

Contact information

For further inquiries please contact info@tidypay.com

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