With its cutting-edge payment services, Austria is bringing history and innovation together in the heart of Europe. What makes this development even more exciting is our collaboration with a dynamic partner, Vectron, bringing forth a new era in seamless, secure, and easy payments in Austria. Our solutions are finally LIVE in the Austrian market and marks a significant milestone in the Austrian fintech sector, introducing a new era of convenience with Tidypay GO SoftPOS, security, and innovation for distributors and merchants alike.

Some of the noted resellers signed in Austria are

B&B IT-Solution, Fiegl+Speilberger, Kassensysteme Geiger, MB Kassen und Schanksysteme, Ehgartner Kassensysteme and Dietmar Bauer Systemkassen

A Technological Leap Forward:

The launch in the Austrian market introduces a range of innovative features, with a particular emphasis on Tidypay GO SoftPOS that seamlessly integrate our services together. Merchants can now securely take payments on their own devices including their own mobile, providing a one-stop solution for all their payment needs where innovation meets technology.

“We are excited to bring our transformative payment solution to Austria in partnership with Vectron. This launch represents our commitment to innovation, convenience, and security, and we believe it will redefine the way Austrians approach financial transactions.”

Morgan Séllen, CEO


About Tidypay

Tidypay is a PSP company; certified in 32 European countries providing simplified payment services. Since 2021 the company’s footprint has been to offer its efficient and unique PSP services. From fully integrated POS systems, SoftPOS solutions to mobile standalone devices, Tidypay has tailored payment solutions to fit your needs. Tidypay also specializes in enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all shapes and sizes to accept and process payments.  Tidypay has always been proud of its different partnerships and have measured our success by the success of our clients, and we proudly want to continue by increasing the value of both of our brands.


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