NOQ services the event and hospitality sector with streamlined POS systems for food and drinks at events and venues, focusing on the UK market.

As the event & hospitality industry continuously grows and flourishes throughout Europe, the demand for a cashless society and streamlined/portable payment solutions has also grown with it. With our easy and efficient solutions, Tidypay saw the essence and need for portable payment taking solutions in festivals and events and intended to be the company that breaks into this market with our own payment solution. We are therefore pleased to announce that our new partner NOQ, delivered the perfect mobile payment solution at The Scottish Open.

Key Delivery at The Scottish Open

The Scottish Open, part of the European Tour, is a professional golf tournament which takes place yearly in North Berwick at the prestigious Renaissance Club. This year, the event saw 70k+ attendees.

The 6 bars scattered across the golf course, used Tidypay’s payment gateway on Sunmi P2 Pros, to manage all drinks transactions. The all-in-one devices allowed the bar staff to use NOQ’s point of sale system to record orders, as well giving them the ability to take payments through contactless and chip & pin facilities. Having everything in one system meant that service was quicker, which in turn resulted in higher turnover.

The easy-to-use software and compact hardware were intrinsic for staff to use, and resulted in a seamless order taking and fulfillment process.

NOQ’s Express model was also used, whereby customers placed mobile orders for pre-packaged items and came to collect them instantly. The bar staff on the other hand, was able to simply scan the customer’s QR code through the in-built camera, and provide the order to the customer.


NOQ and Tidypay with a Mobile Payment Solution for events and venues

Our payment solution together with Sunmi P2 Pro terminals is also currently being utilized in The Scottish Open. Large scale events like this one, require operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Our newest partner NOQ, currently present in the UK, is able to offer exactly this, through the perfect portable payment solution for events and venues – together with partners anything is possible.

It is important for these events and festivals to be well organized and to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for the guests, for them to be successful. Speeding up service and reducing operational costs are key factors for any event organization to run their operations smoothly, and for the payment taking process to run efficiently.

Reasons for using our easy efficient solutions in festivals & events

1. Reduce queueing times and improve visitor flow
2. Improve hygiene and aid social distancing
3. Reduce operational costs

Tidypay specializes in payment solutions, if you have questions about our services and solutions contact us here

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