The complete guide to local payment methods for events and festivals

As a Payment Service Provider (PSP) you should be able to assist your customers with payment solutions suitable for outdoor events such as festivals, concerts and food markets.

Today it is less common to find festivals or similar events where cash payments are accepted, as contactless payments and non-cash alternatives is favoured by many consumers.

The new and modern payment solutions also make payments hassle free and convenient for businesses hosting outdoor events, as popular on-the-go payment methods can be used.

Here is the ultimate guide for distributors looking for payment method recommendations for customers in the event and festival industry!


Why should a Payment Service Provider focus on mobile and contactless payments?

As a PSP you should be able to offer the payment systems that your customers need and prefer. And among all the payment methods on today’s market, solutions for mobile or contactless payments are often favoured by both businesses and their consumers.

Traditionally, customers had to use a payment card with a chip or magnetic stripe to pay for products or services. Or even cash. And many businesses have been accepting payments with payment terminals that requires connection to a power plug.

Well, this now belongs to the past. Today customers can pay for products and services using mobile payment methods or contactless payment cards, thanks to technology like RFID, QR or NFC.

This means that customers no longer need to physically enter their PIN code or swipe a credit card at the point of sale. Businesses can also use wireless payment terminals or even their phone to accept payments. Perfect when hosting an outdoor event!


Which payment methods are suitable for festivals?

Among today’s most popular mobile payment methods, we find phone wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. The payment methods are user friendly alternatives to physical payment cards, and are considered to be both secure and simple-to-use.

Tap-on-phone payment is also popular, as it makes it possible for customers to pay by tapping their card towards a phone belonging to the merchant. Here is some of the most popular and user friendly payment methods for festivals:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • MasterCard
  • Visa


Recommend the right payment gateway for your customers

If a business should be able to accept mobile or contactless card payments, it is necessary to have suitable equipment. Simply put, they should find a payment system that lets them accept contactless or mobile payments. Like Tidypay One, for instance.

Tidypay One is developed through Tidypay’s partnership with the hardware partner Sunmi, to ensure an innovative and user friendly payment gateway.

Alternatively, one can use a so called SoftPOS system. A SoftPOS system can be described as an app which lets merchants turn their phone (or tablet) into a well-functioning device for payment acceptance.

For businesses hosting festivals or outdoor events, a SoftPOS can be both convenient and cost effective.


Why Tidypay GO is perfect for businesses hosting outdoor events

If you are a Payment Service Provider and have customers in the festival or event industry, you should have payment solutions that make payments on the go easy, efficient and quick. In that case, Tidypay is one of your best choices.

With a SoftPOS solution like Tidypay GO, businesses and their customers have access to a quick and user-friendly digital payment system. 


Use the cell phone as a POS system

Tidypay GO makes it possible for businesses to use a cell phone or other devices as a fully functional POS system. No time consuming or difficult integration or extra hardware is needed, which makes the solution a great choice for outdoor events.

All your customers need to start using Tidypay GO, is an Android device with NFC enablement and an app. The device should support Android versions like 10.0 or newer. The app can easily be downloaded in Google Play Store.

Tidypay GO can also be integrated with other Tidypay devices, which might be good news for many of your customers.


A secure and safe Payment Gateway

Tidypay GO is not only user friendly and convenient. The payment system is also safe and secure! With PCI DSS compatibility, none personal data belonging to the users will be saved on the device.

And since the solution is using NFC technology, Tidypay’s partners will not have to worry about compromising their financial data.


Why recommend Tidypay to customers in the festival or outdoor business?

For businesses that would like to strengthen their brand, value and payment offering, Tidypay is a great choice. With our payment gateway, businesses can grow together with the customer’s expectations and needs.

With solutions like Tidypay One or Tidypay GO, businesses that are hosting outdoor events, festivals or food markets, can accept payments in an easy and safe manner.

Do you have any questions about contactless or mobile payment methods? By using our contact form you will get the help you need in no time!


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