Business payment processing has undergone a significant change in recent years. Traditional point-of-sale systems are gradually being replaced by more versatile and flexible solutions. Among these innovations is SoftPOS, which transforms regular devices into secure and efficient payment processing tools with the help of software. The purpose of this blog post is to explore the concept of Tidypay GO SoftPOS, our latest launch, its advantages, and its potential to revolutionize payment systems.

What is Tidypay GO SoftPOS?

Tidypay GO is a technology that enables smartphones, tablets, or any other device to function as a secure point of sale terminal and process payments. The use of software applications allows businesses to accept different payment methods, such as contactless payments, card swipes, or QR codes.Even though SoftPOS eliminates the need for additional hardware, our solution Tidypay GO offers an omnichannel solution which means it can be paired with our hardware which allows to take payments in different devices at the same time all together. 

What are the advantages of Tidypay GO SoftPOS?


Tidypay GO offers flexibility in terms of deployment and scalability. Since it relies on software/cloud applications, it can be easily integrated into existing systems or third-party applications. Our solution provides an omnichannel experience meaning it can be paired with our other existing payment terminals making payments easier than ever. Furthermore, businesses can scale their operations quickly by adding more SoftPOS devices as needed, without the need for extensive installations.


One of the biggest benefits of SoftPOS is its accessibility. With the use of smartphones and tablets, businesses can transform their existing in hand devices into payment terminals with a simple cloud based installation. This accessibility allows several merchants to process payments anywhere, whether it’s in a traditional store setting, at an event, or on the go. SoftPOS opens up new avenues for businesses to reach customers and offer easier payment experiences.


Security features are built into Tidypay GO SoftPOS to protect sensitive payment information. The cloud based application follows industry standards like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). SoftPOS also supports various authentication methods, such as biometrics and PINs, for added security.

Customer Experience

In addition to offering seamless and convenient payment processes, SoftPOS enhances the overall customer experience. A fast and hassle-free checkout experience is provided by SoftPOS, which allows customers to pay with their preferred methods, including contactless cards or mobile wallets. In order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, long queues can be eliminated and payments can be accepted anywhere.

Learn more about Tidypay GO and our PSP services HERE.

Tidypay offers user-friendly and secure Payment Services combined with our partners POS systems offering the best choices for contactless payments, e-commerce and mPOS solutions.

Tidypay GO SoftPOS is also our upcoming launch which will simplify and offer the services of contactless payment journey furthermore with NFC enablement.

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