Tidypay and BlueStar teams up

Ever since Tidypay first started offering payment solutions, we have been focusing on being able to provide the best and most innovative technology. We also know that the best solutions tend to be a result of people putting their heads together.

BlueStar is the fastest growing technology distributors in the world, with solutions based on POS, RFID, AutoID and Mobility .Recently Tidypay and BlueStar teamed up to combine their services, so that you can get the best technology from two worlds.

About BlueStar

Established in the US as early as in 1929, BlueStar is a global company with a long history, serving more than 11.000 customers all over the world and holds a strong presence in Europe, with operations across 24 offices in the continent.

BlueStar provides the finest customer service in the industry, delivering the technologies, tools and training our global partners need to grow their businesses.

What can BlueStar offer?

BlueStar works exclusively with Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to provide complete solutions, custom configuration offerings, business development, and marketing support. The company brings unequalled expertise to the market, offers award-winning technical support, and is an authorized service centre for a growing number of manufacturers

BlueStar’s solution-driven model is developed based on what their partners need.

Besides this, BlueStar´s programs also provide a whole range of services including smart leasing based programs, where their partners can lease software and hardware. This way their value-added resellers can focus on business growth, and expand to new markets.

“As a large solutions provider, BlueStar is familiar with the modern payment challenges, “ said Maurice VanRijn, EMEA VP of Business Development at BlueStar

“We are delighted to welcome Tidypay into our established solutions portfolio. This collaboration will contribute to our further growth and will benefit both, and with that, most importantly, our partner network itself.”

Why is Tidypay and BlueStar a great match?

Tidypay is constantly working to provide the best technologic solutions for customers who are in need of user friendly and secure payment systems.

BlueStar, which has a pioneer role in Europe when it comes to POS and other payment systems, has a lot knowledge and experience with POS solutions like SUNMI.

And as you might already know, SUNMI is one of the solutions Tidypay offers to give you a seamless solution without any complicated integration process.

To sum it up, BlueStar provides Tidypay with technological solutions that make us able to offer the best products and services for our partners.

Choose your mPOS or POS solution from BlueStar and SUNMI

Through Tidypay you can find several user friendly mPOS and POS solutions based on SUNMI and BlueStar technology. In Tidypay’s product catalogue you can find both SUNMI Tech P2 Pro and SUNMI Tech P2 Lite.

We have payment solutions that are suitable for both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses, and for businesses that needs omnichannel or mobile solutions.

BlueStar makes payments easy

Many businesses are dependent on reliable and safe payment solutions that are easy to integrate and use. BlueStar can offer some of the most secure and user friendly solutions on the market, together with SUNMI and other leading manufacturers.

If you would like to learn more about our BlueStar and Tidypay solutions, feel free to contact us. We have the solutions you need, whether you run a food truck, restaurant or ecommerce store.

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