Together with our Finnish partners; Fresh IT and OY Wike AB, Tidypay is entering and building its presence in the Finnish market as a PSP company. Our payment services combined with the POS solutions by our Finnish partners have created a buzz in the event, transport and hospitality industry.

Establishing partners and growing our presence in new markets has always been an important aspect for Tidypay. New markets equals new opportunities and solutions to make payments more easier, efficient and secure. 

This partnership brings together Tidypay which is a PSP Scandinavian company offering its easy and efficient solutions across 32 European countries. The services range from e-commerce to standalone payment services. Partnering with Solmio Kassa (Fresh IT) who is a Finnish based company which has easy-to-use modern cash register systems. Their products range from portable payment terminals to desktop cash registers. And furthermore partnering with OY Wike AB another Finnish based company who aims to achieve smarter payments. Their product range includes versatile, fast and easy-to-use payment terminals. Together with Tidypay´s PSP services and their POS systems we are able to create easy payment for the Finnish market.

By partnering with Solmio Kassa (Fresh IT) and OY Wike AB in Finland, Tidypay got the opportunity to expand their services into the event/festival and transport industry. The partnership between us and these companies will further enhance the payment sector in different industries and the aim will be to simplify the future of payments. 

“Expanding in Scandinavia has been a crucial step for Tidypay as it is important for us to showcase how easy and efficient our payment solutions can be. Having the opportunity to combine our solutions with our partners in Finland and dive deeper into different industries such as transportation and events has showcased how our solutions are easy, portable and can shape to fit any industry.”

Morgan Sellén, CEO, Tidypay

Finnish events and festivals

One of the most exciting and important parts for Tidypay was to get the opportunity to witness our payment terminals in collaboration with our partners’ POS systems in big festivals and events throughout Finland in the summer of 2022. With over 25+ festivals and events, some of the named big ones were; All things live Finland, Hockey world championship, Haloo Helsinki group, Tuska open air metal festival, Blockfest, Craft beer Helsinki etc. As well as using our payment solutions in the transport industry with a bus company called Tidstrand.

World- famous artists such as Justin Bieber and Gorillaz were seen performing in these festivals and events. As well as seeing Finland winning the Ice hockey world championship on home soil was another milestone for our solutions being used at one of the biggest sports events on Finnish grounds.

About Tidypay

Tidypay is a PSP company; certifiied in 32 European countries providing simplified payment services. Since 2021 the company’s footprint has been to offer its efficient and unique PSP services. From fully integrated POS systems and accounting systems, to mobile standalone devices, Tidypay has tailored payment solutions to fit your needs. Tidypay also specializes in enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all shapes and sizes to accept and process payments. Our services currently range from Tidypay One, Tidypay eCom and Tidypay GO. 

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