Tidypay is delighted to announce the launch of Tidypay GO, a payment solution that makes payments easier, faster and more efficient. It enables merchants to receive payments on their own devices without the need of additional hardware. 

With technology continuously growing throughout the payment industry, merchants are looking for quicker solutions that can enable them to receive payments without any additional hassle. Several small to medium sized industries are looking for solutions that can make payments more accessible anywhere. Contactless payment has also grown enormously in the last decade, and now you have the opportunity to revolutionize the payment industry and be part of testing our latest launch; Tidypay GO SoftPOS.

The SoftPOS solution allows Android users to transform their own devices into payment terminals. It runs on Android devices running version 10.0 or above. As a result, all your payment devices can be easily replaced with your own Android devices. The process consists of a simple integration and requires only three technical aspects – a cloud based app, NFC enablement and any Android device that supports version 10.0 and above. Our solution also gives you the ability to integrate Tidypay GO with our other existing hardware payment devices making it an omnichannel solution. Our partner, Sunmi, also provides SoftPOS compatible hardware that is more industrialized which means you can have both hardware and your devices as payment solutions if required.

Tidypay GO, SoftPOS is an innovative and cost-effective solution that enables merchants to accept payments from customers anywhere at any time. By using SoftPOS, merchants can accept payments on their own devices, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before. The Tidypay GO setup is as easy as downloading the cloud based app off of Google Play, entering your account name and password, and then you can already begin processing payments.

“Our solution offers merchants a fast, easy, and secure way to accept card payments, without the need of setup processes. This is an omnichannel solution that can be integrated with our other existing devices making payments easier than ever. We’re excited to bring this technology to market and help businesses thrive.”

Morgan Sellén, CEO, Tidypay

About Tidypay

Tidypay is a PSP company; certifiied in 32 European countries providing simplified payment services. Since 2021 the company’s footprint has been to offer its efficient and unique PSP services. From fully integrated POS systems and accounting systems, to mobile standalone devices, Tidypay has tailored payment solutions to fit your needs. Tidypay also specializes in enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all shapes and sizes to accept and process payments. Our services currently range from Tidypay One, Tidypay eCom and Tidypay GO. Tidypay has always been proud of its different partnerships and have measured our success by the success of our clients, and we proudly want to continue by increasing the value of both of our brands.

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