Tidypay received a new investment from Newday to enable us to grow, expand, simplify, and scale up our business in Europe.

The payment industry is currently evolving and continuously changing with new trends and variations of contactless payments. Increasingly, businesses are realizing that customers are interested in paying in a quicker and safer manner. Contactless payments have been rapidly growing ever more ever since the pandemic and have been shown to reach 90% of all transactions. According to Forbes in just under one year after the pandemic retailers and businesses adapted contactless payments so quickly that the percentage volume rose by 80% compared to before which was only 47%.   

Newday is a growth investor present in Norway. Their main goal is to invest and see potential in small and medium sized businesses where they can spot growth opportunities and potential. They add investment, expertise and growing the company’s network which can help the businesses scale up. This new investment for Tidypay brings together simplification, efficiency, technology development and will increase the value of our brand. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can announce that Neway has become majority owner of the Norwegian-based FinTech company Tidypay AS.

Expanding our market and keeping up with the growing payment trends has been a main priority for Tidypay and with the investment by Newday, we are able to provide our payment services in new countries and enhance the speed of rolling out our new payment solution Tidypay GO; SoftPOS, as the future of payments. As previously mentioned Tidypay is intact with all the ongoing payment trends and wants to provide ways to simplify payments and by our new upcoming launch; TidypayGO we aim to do just that. A simple android device that can be turned into a payment terminal without any extra integration or hardware; completely contactless.

“For us at Newday, Tidypay is a very exciting opportunity. Basically, the company has considerable commercial experience and expertise from the industry and a modern technical solution, but what appeals to us  is their business creativity. They have a business model which is really interesting for SMB payment solutions players – making Tidypay a volume business that is extremely scalable.”

CEO at Newday, Trond Stensrud`s statement about the investment

“We are extremely pleased that Newday saw the potential in Tidypay and has chosen us to invest a significant amount to build the future of this company. This investment will mean that Tidypay has funds to speed up the growth furthermore in different markets and help simplify payments in many countries.”

Morgan Sellén, CEO at Tidypay

About Tidypay

Tidypay is a Payment Service Provider(PSP), certified in 32 European countries providing simplified and efficient payment services. Since 2021 the company’s footprint has been to offer
it´s standalone and unique PSP services. Ranging from fully integrated mobile standalone devices, POS systems and SoftPOS solutions. With Tidypay, you can get tailored payment solutions designed to meet the needs of your business. Additionally, we specialize in enterprise level payment technology and provide omnichannel solutions that are flexible enough for businesses of all sizes and shapes to accept and process payments, ranging from Tidypay One, Tidypay eCom and Tidypay GO.

About Newday

Newday is an active growth investor which has its greatest strength in expertise and experience from strategic and operational work with business development.Newday invests in small/medium-sized companies with growth potential, where the purpose is to provide capital, experience, networks and expertise so that the companies can fully exploit their growth potential. Newday is owned 80% by Colligo AS and 20% by Chrima AS, which through Newday reinvests part of the profit from the sale of shares in Infotjenester/Simployer to Ferd in 2020. Colligo currently manages approximately NOK 1.5 billion, with Newday being one of five focus areas.

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