With the payment industry increasingly playing a critical role in every aspect of different businesses, companies recognize that they need to accelerate and invest in the future of payments. 

Expanding our market has been a main priority of Tidypay and by collaborating with YN Payments we are able to provide our payment services in new countries and incorporate their pre-existing POS solutions with us. This partnership brings together simplification, efficiency, technology development and increases the overall value of our brands.

We are partnering with YN Payments, who are a digital supplier currently present  in Harrogate North Yorkshire, specializing in all things digital such as EPOS systems. Their sole purpose is to provide all businesses no matter the size with the latest in digital display technology, EPOS systems and cloud computing. Their EPOS solutions cover a wide range of sectors, including retail, hospitality, schools and universities, arenas, and pop-ups. The partnership between both companies will further enhance the payment sector and the aim will be to simplify the future of payments and build trust in new markets.

“We are very excited to be further enhancing our partnerships in the UK and joining forces with YN Payments . Making payments easy is our main motto and by the help of our partners we are able to continuously do so.”

Morgan Sellén, CEO, Tidypay

“We are excited to be partnering with Tidypay, they have a great company strategy and product that aligns with ours and what we are aiming to achieve – and will help broaden our offering, and create a better and more comprehensive package for our customers. “

Yn Payments

About Tidypay

Tidypay is a PSP company; certified in 32 European countries providing simplified payment services. Since 2021 the company’s footprint has been to offer its efficient and unique PSP. From fully integrated POS systems and SoftPOS solutions​, to mobile standalone devices, Tidypay has tailored payment solutions to fit your needs. Tidypay also specializes in enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all shapes and sizes to accept and process payments, our services currently range from Tidypay One, Tidypay eCom and Tidypay GO. Tidypay´s integration provides payments using their strategic partners on Sumni Devices. Tidypay has always been proud of its different partnerships and have measured our success by the success of our clients, and we proudly want to continue by increasing the value of both of our brands.

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