What is a POS system, and how to pick the right one?

As you might already know, a POS or the «point of sale» is where your customers can make a purchase. 

In a brick-and-mortar shop, this will typically be the place where the customer interacts with you and pay for products. Online, the POS will be where the customer completes the payment and checks out.

So, what is a POS system?

This can be described as the system consisting of software and hardware that makes sales possible. 

What is included in a POS system?

A POS system can contain a wide range of different software and hardware solutions. The kind of POS system a particular business needs, will be very individual. 

An online shop will for instance have different needs than a physical brick-and-mortar shop. While the latter could benefit from a receipt printer, an online shop probably could do without. 

When it comes to hardware, a POS system can include everything from a receipt printer and a bar code scanner, to a card reader and a register. For some businesses it can also be useful to have a cash drawer. 

The software features may also vary from system to system, and might include cloud connection and omnichannel solutions.

How does a typical POS system work?

In general, a POS system will take care of several everyday tasks for in-store or online businesses. Usually, the system works in several steps. Initially, it will calculate what the customer should pay for specific products or services.

It will also make it possible for your customer to actually pay, either online or at a physical sales point. 

Finally, the POS system will finalize the payment and the customer will get an online or physical receipt. The more advanced POS systems, will also make sure to manage bookkeeping for you, for instance by integration towards ERP systems.

What to consider when buying a POS system? 

When you are going to buy a POS system, there are several things to consider. Some businesses will benefit from having a mobile POS system which can be used in a more flexible way.

Others would like to have access to an automatic bookkeeping system, as this can save them a lot of time and work on a daily basis. 

You should also consider a omnichannel POS system if you are looking for a cross-channel solution, where different systems are aligned. 

Also, you should make sure that your POS system is user friendly, and that your customers can look forward to a simple checkout process online or in-store.

What is a POS system from Tidypay?

Tidypay is designed to make payments easy. We deliver fully integrated and smart POS systems that can communicate directly with your accounting system.

We have POS systems for both physical shops and e-commerce shops, and offer brilliant omnichannel solutions. Tidypay One is perfect for both outdoor and in-store merchants, while Tidypay eCom is perfect for businesses with online stores.

Tidypay One – one device that covers all necessary functions

Tidypay One is an easy-to-use device that provides you with all the functions you need. The device is mobile and flexible, and offers you the complete POS experience in one single device.

Tidypay One ensures that payments are completed in a safe and effective way. Your customers can look forward to contactless payments and several well-known payment methods.

With a Tidypay terminal that is based on cloud connection, you can easily connect it to your POS system. The best part? There is no need for direct integration. The Tidypay terminal has an already installed application, which makes connection super easy.

Tidypay eCom – a cost-effective solution for online merchants

If you are running an online store, your customers depend on safe and reliable online payments. Tidypay eCom fulfils your needs, and will give your online store a user friendly checkout process. 

Tidypay eCom also offers a complete e-commerce solution for businesses, and makes it easy to both sell and manage online sales. 

The solution is also perfect for omnichannel businesses that needs to unify online and in-store sales, as it is possible to manage the eCom solution through the Tidypay One POS system.

The payment data from all sales channels will be processed in one single system, which will make bookkeeping easier than ever.

Find your POS system today 

What is a POS system? Well, as long as your business sells products or services to customers, you have a point of sale. And with a POS system, you can make sure this process is as easy and secure as possible.

If you need a POS system that makes bookkeeping and payments easier, Tidypay is one of your best choices. 

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