Why do I need a mPOS system and how do I pick the right one?

In many cases businesses gives their customers the opportunity to pay for products or services at a stationary cash register. But not all businesses are stationary, and in that case a more flexible payment system is often desired. With a mobile cloud based cPOS you will get a mobile solution where transactions can be processed on the go. Let’s take a closer look at the our POS system, and in what cases it might come in handy.


What is a mPOS system?

A mPOS system is a mobile point of sale system, and can be described as a portable cash register where your customers can perform their payments. Usually a mPOS system gives you the same functionality as a traditional POS system, but with wireless and mobile properties.


What businesses needs a mobile point of sale?

A mPOS POS system is perfect for all businesses that depends on mobile solutions, like flea markets, food trucks, market vendors and businesses that deliver their products outside a brick-and-mortar shop.  If your business offers home delivery, a mPOS system is also essential. In this category we can mention both flower and pizza delivery. Also restaurants and bars will find a mobile point of sale useful, as the visitors often prefers to pay directly from the table. As long as your business interact with customers outside a stationary sales point, a mPOS system will be necessary or at least useful. The alternative would be cash based payments, but today most customers prefer modern payment solutions.


How to choose the right mPOS system?

When you are looking for a mPOS system there are several factors to consider. First of all, POS machine should be light weight and portable, preferably with a sleek and modern design. The interface should also be user friendly and secure, with reliable solutions. You should also consider choosing a mobile point of sale which does not only have the functionality of a payment gateway, but also a payment processing platform. Besides this, easy and user friendly configuration is preferred. A cloud based system can also be useful, as it lets the user connect to the payment terminal anytime and anywhere. Tidypay has mobile cPOS (Cloud Point of Sale) systems that fulfils all your needs, with secure, user friendly and lightweight solutions which offers hassle-free integration.


Tidypay One makes mobile payments easy

Tidypay One is perfect for all businesses that are looking for a user friendly cPOS system. The system fits both outdoor and indoor merchants, and can be described as an all-in-one cPOS system. With Tidypay One you can also make sure that your business can offer modern and flexible payment solutions. The unit is compatible with both contactless payments, mobile payment solutions and integrated payments. All the different payment services are included.

A mPOS system for easy payment processing

When you have Tidypay’s mPOS system also named cPOS for our cloud function, you can easily process payments both indoor and outdoor. You can look forward to an omnichannel experience where all payments in-store, on the go and online are brought together.


Several currencies

Our mobile point of sale system will also offer ten different currencies, which makes it easier to choose your preferred currency. At the same time, you will have a handy overview of every single payout and transaction fee.


Smart reporting tool

With the Tidypay One cPOS system you will also be able to report and monitor every transaction on the go. You will be able to void and refund transactions in no time. Thanks to our user friendly WEB-based interface and a flexible REST API, it will be possible to integrate the system together with your existing reporting tools.


A mobile point of sale system with easy integration

Tidypay One is a mobile point of sale system that offers easy integration. You can easily integrate the mPOS system with your personal favourite POS. Configuration towards Amazon, Windows and iPad is very easy. Our system will automatically move between your POS and our payment solutions, which will give you time to focus on other things.


Smart mPOS system terminals

Tidypay offers smart and mobile payment terminals, and both P2 Pro and P2 Lite will fulfil all your needs. Both Sunmi Tech P2 Lite and Sunmi Tech P2 PRO is based on Android 7.1 and comes with a 1D Barcode Scanner and NFC Payment. The units also utilize a Quad-core 1.4 GHz CPU, and a 2 GB + 16 GB ROM (optional) memory. The PRO model can also offer a thermal printer.


What benefits can be expected from a mPOS system?

A mPOS POS system can offer several benefits compared to a traditional POS. Most importantly, a mPOS system will make transactions more versatile and accessible for your business. You are not bound to one specific location for financial transactions. In turn, this will also give a more flexible customer experience. The customers can choose between several payment options whether the payments are processed inside or outside your physical locations. A traditional countertop based POS is usually far less flexible. A mPOS system is usually also configured to handle modern payment methods like mobile wallets or contactless payment solutions. Because of this, you can easily accommodate customers who prefer these solutions. In addition to this, a mobile point of sale system is usually also cost efficient compared to traditional POS systems. You don’t need to invest in an expensive register or extra software. The cloud based system ensures low costs.


The best mobile point of sale systems for your business

A mobile point of sale system, also referred to as a mPOS system, can benefit many businesses – especially the ones that need flexible payment solutions outside a brick-and-mortar shop. Tidypay offers the best mPOS system for small and large businesses, thanks to the user friendly interface, sleek design and several features. Our mPOS (mobile cPOS) system is unique and flexible, and can easily be configured to fulfil your needs.

Do you have any questions about our cPOS system? Contact us today, and we will help you find the best mobile point of sale system for your business.


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